Act! Consulting

In most business environments, maintaining relationships with people is a key part of your job. Relying on simple address books and calendars to communicate to customers, vendors and business associates does not adequately manage or build relationships. With Act! Software you get so much more. This contact management software lets you get the most out of your business relationships. Act! offers instant access to customer, scheduling, and sales information; the tools necessary to help you manage and grow your business.
Our consultants specialize in tailoring Act! to fit your specific needs. Our first step is to analyze exactly what your business needs are. We then mold Act! to not only make you more organized, but most importantly, we make you more productive. Our consultants are trained and qualified to design and customize Act! solutions. Corelogix can help streamline your business with Act! contact management software.

What is CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy designed to optimize customer retention and client satisfaction. By following CRM methodologies companies can increase profitability, revenue and streamline their business relationships. CRM strategies are the most critical element in growing your business. You can have the best product or service available in your business market, but if you are not managing customer relations, you fall through on client expectations which can cause you to lose valuable clients. Since it costs more to obtain new customers than it does to retain your existing customers, an investment in Customer Relationship technologies is key to the growth of your company.
Corelogix provides customer relationship solutions that help maintain customer satisfaction and encourage efficiency and productivity. We train your company to maximize the use of CRM software and technology, and help you to create a business plan that parallels your company’s objectives. Corelogix consultants ensure that the customer is at the heart of the business strategy, and in doing so your company moves from being customer aware to customer centric.