Our Proven Process, Produces Results

Regardless of the software or how large/small your business – to achieve results, it is vital that the system is implemented correctly and customized to suit your specific business requirements. Many Customer Relationship (CRM) initiatives fail because the implementation was limited to the software installation. A successful CRM implementation requires careful planning, support and training. This will ensure fast adoption by the staff, increased productivity and a prompt return on your investment. Our expert accredited team can assist in all areas of your implementation to ensure the rapid deployment of a superior and effective CRM solution.

1. Needs Assessment

The first stage is an assessment of your needs. We work with you to identify and understand the business/end user goals and objectives as well as any challenges your business is facing in relation to customer relationship management.

2. Customization & Data Migration

Based on the Needs Assessment we are able to create a customized database that is tailored to your business. We then prepare your Act! database by populating it with data you may have in various other systems, ensuring the data imported is vital, that its accurate, and imported into the relevant area.

3. Installation & Configuration

With our expertise implementing Act! Solutions for businesses, we have developed tried and tested methods that are continually reviewed to ensure that our services are of the highest standard. From small to large setups, we can work with you or your IT personnel to ensure a fast and smooth installation.

4. Training & Courses

Training is essential to the success of any CRM implementation. It empowers your staff and promotes confidence in the system which results in the form of higher productivity. We have a range of options for training including online and onsite training. For more details see our Act! Training page.

5. On-going Support

As all businesses are unique, we also offer an array of going support options. Our expert team will play a critical role in ensuring user productivity and maximizing the CRM benefits to help you succeed with your CRM solution. For more details see our support services page.