Take your Act! calendar to the next level and increase your productivity

DayManager™ add adds new functionality to help you stay productive and better manage your day. All done in a new modern design. It enhances the existing Act! calendar by providing you additional tools and design elements that are essential to keep you better prepared and focused.

Time Blocks

Better organize your day by labeling and color coding sections of the calendar. Block off set time for admin work, sales calls and much more while still retaining the ability to move around schedule individual activities. Stay focused on the task at hand with these personalized time blocks.

Travel Time

Capture travel time directly within the schedule window and have it block off that time on the calendar so you know exactly when you have to leave for an appointment and you don’t overbook.

User Color Coding

If you have alot of Act! users and want to see what everyone is up to but find the Act! calendar messy and hard to read this feature will help you. It allows you to select a custom color for each user so that their activities are color coded and easy to see.

E-mail Reminders

Stand out from the rest by having our system automatically send e-mail reminders to your contacts at set intervals before your meetings. You can create custom templates that pull data from the activity or contact record so each reminder is personalized and professional looking. You can also copy yourself so you stay on top of your schedule as well.

Tentative Activities

Quickly mark an activity as tentative right from the scheduling window and it will display a hashed bar next to the activity in the calendar. This allows you to quickly see what has been confirmed and what activities can be moved around or need to be finalized.

Modern Design

DayManager takes the existing Act! calendar and modernizes it so it is easier to read and more appealing to the eye. It adds a timeline so you know exactly where you are in the day, better divides the hour and minute segments and provides font and color updates as well. It also better organizes the activity information displayed so it is easier to read and see at a glance.