Streamline your database while protecting your data

One of the biggest challenges Act! users have had over the years is “How do I keep my database clean”. Out of that frustration we created the Archiver™. Now you can keep your Act! database clean and up to date. Archive contacts with the click of a button and they will no longer appear in searchers or your contact list. Contacts remain in the database so they can be restored easily should the need arise.

Archive Contacts

Archive a single contact or an entire lookup with an easily accessible toolbar button. The contacts are immediately hidden from your view giving you access to your essential contact data without any needless clutter.

Archive View

Should the need arise where you want to view your archived data you can switch to Archive View with a simple click and see all your previously archived contacts. Search and mine the archived data as if you were in a separate database but with the benefit of being able to restore any contact immediately.

Restore Contacts

Should a client return or a contact become active again you no longer have to search for their information or try and recall your previous interactions. With a simple click from the contact menu or toolbar you can restore an archived contact. The contact will then be put back in your regular list including all associated contact data.

Safeguard your Data

Contacts that are archived retain all of there original data. Notes, histories, activities all remain in your database but out of sight. Ensuring you have access to the data should you need it, without having to maintain two seperate databases.