Opt-In Manager


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Use Opt-In Manager to make sure your email list is email compliant. The Opt-in Manager is a software application & online service that takes only a couple of minutes to setup before you can be broadcasting your pre-written opt-in request emails to all your contacts in quickly and easily.  No HTML, merge mail, or Outlook experience required!



Once Opt-In Manager updates your database to reflect your contact’s opt-in permissions, you can create your new marketing groups within Act! that includes this consent, and be confident you’ve exercised due diligence in complying with GDPR and CASL.

Features include:

  • Windows app allows you to prepare, edit and send your opt-in request to your Act! lookup. As you send, it will also prompt you to select current contact, current lookup, or all contacts
  • NEW! Before your first send, Opt-in Manager integrates with to authenticate the email addresses in your list as valid (BriteVerify fees extra)
  • Both the send request and your contact’s response to it are recorded in Act! in a manner that verifies the authenticity of the permission
  • The software allows you to generate a unique online link for any contact in your database. This allows you to reply to an email with a contact’s unique link, thus simplifying the process
  • Sync the online results with your database at the click of button, and get a report on how many contacts were updated
  • Customize your online opt-in request page with your own branding and message

Please note, Corelogix is not qualified to offer legal advice, so each person is responsible for ascertaining their own CASL & GDPR compliance requirements.