About Us

Who We Are

Corelogix is a premier CRM (Customer Relationship Management) provider. Corelogix consists of qualified professional and technical staff delivering knowledge-based technical solutions to our clients. The driving force behind Corelogix is our ability to give companies direction and help them use management solutions as economic assets. Using information technologies as the core behind business processes we provide the ability for teams to implement and support their strategies. Through Corelogix, companies are empowered with the techniques needed to build strong customer relationships. By training and providing opportunities Corelogix helps companies manage and reproduce the techniques that work, the principles that put them ahead.

What We Offer

Corelogix designs and integrates technology solutions, creates innovation, and transforms clients’ technical environments. Working in partnership with clients to develop business strategies and technologies tailored to their requirements. We look assertively at our client’s organization and the market in which it operates, to determine both short-term and long-term strategies for growth. Corelogix believes that the path to business improvement starts by maintaining and developing proper customer relationships. Backed by the #1 selling contact and customer manager Corelogix has the power to take your business to the next level. As an Act! Channel Partner we are highly trained to give you the tools to easily access a complete, integrated view of your contact relationships, impress contacts with your follow-up, leave no task undone, and make informed decisions to advance your business. We start by learning how your company works which allows us to tailor a product that will fit well within your company and provide that tools that put you ahead in your industry. We then seamlessly integrate a customer relationship solution into your business environment and train you to use the tools that will put you ahead. Being one of the few Act! Channel Partners in western Canada and with over 20 years of experience in this field we offer solutions that exceed expectations.